1990 16 valve HF Integrale

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100000km (62000 miles) very good condition.

air con

Not yet registered in UK

I don't want too much for the car as at the time they were not too pricey in
Italy and I can't be bothered with a lot of advertising.

The history is as follows: I lived in Italy for around 5 years and bought
the car there a couple of years ago. I moved back to England and about 14
months ago brought the car back, (covered the 1000+ mile journey with no

I'm not currently able to afford the running costs of such a vehicle in the
UK and sadly I am forced to leave it sitting in the garage, therefore I've
decided to sell it. Since it doesn't owe me as much as it would should I
have bought it in the UK, I am prepared to let it go at a reasonable price,
(less than half the price you often see them sell for), also it is still on
Italian plates.

Not that it is difficult to register: an MOT, which was done a few weeks
ago; a certificate of manufacture to prove when the car was produced and is
the method the DVLA use to issue an age related registration, I have already
obtained this document from FIAT UK; and insurance which I am reluctant to
arrange myself as, for the above reasons, I am not going to be driving it.

Not much wear and tear for a 12 year old car, little else I can think of to
say about it.

£3500 ono

Please e-mail me at mailorder@gaugemaster.co.uk should any further info be